Multi-Passionate Creative & Entrepreneur



For years I have tried to focus on just one path; one job, passion, career—trying to define myself and what I do. 

It didn't work.

Here you will find all of my musings combined; a stepping stone to that which serves you at this time. Please feel free browse, get in touch, and visit often.

So, what are these multi-passionate endeavours?

I show businesses how to use storytelling to build genuine connections and long-term brand loyalty by delivering consistent, compelling video content.

I give modern brides the confidence to step away from outdated traditions, and show them how to plan outrageously unique weddings—without pissing people off in the process.

I write candid musings for single women fighting their nagging biological clocks, and show them how to remove the frantic from finding a partner.

Every adventure requires a first step.
— Cheshire Cat