More than 500 hours of video content is uploaded to the web every minute.

Is yours any good?



Why do you need a video content strategy?


Consumers are hungry for video. 4x as many people would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. 

Not because they are lazy, but because video is immensely powerful; video uses multi-sensory cues like music, colour, voice, sound effects, and even camera movements to deliver a message or elicit an emotion.

Way more exciting than this boring text you are reading.


In the race to get more video content onto channels, video is often considered to be a last minute add-on to a project. However, given that video is proven to be key for acquiring new customers and engaging with existing ones, it should be integrated into all marketing initiatives from the outset.

BETTER outcomes

Planning your video content in advance can help you get buy-in across departments, which means better performance—hello ROI! Planning can also help to uncover economies to scale across multiple projects, which means you can better leverage your budget.

Video Marketing & Content Strategy


After taking a lay of the land and uncovering the challenges and opportunities of your current content, we'll explore your communication goals for the next 6 - 12 months and how video can support them. 


Once we know what you want your videos to do, we'll build a plan for which types of videos will help you get there; whether that's integrating video into each phase of your buyer’s journey to increase conversions, determining how video can support an upcoming campaign, or helping you to launch a weekly educational series. This includes the development of detailed creative briefs with a creative approach, budget, and a production plan for each type of video.


We’ll then help you to plan and prioritise based on your comms goals and budget, and help you to find those economies to scale for production.

this is for you if...

You've dabbled in video but are looking to up your game, your current content isn't performing as well as you hoped, your internal video team needs content strategy support, or you have a budget for video but have no idea how to spend it (it's more common than you think!) Or, maybe you just wanna get real video-nerdy. 


Video Production Services

Whether we work on a video strategy together or you simply have production needs, we manage the production of your video from start to finish, including creative direction, script writing, shooting, editing, and motion graphics.

Because we are strategy nerds we also help you to determine the best approach for your video based on your specific communication goals, audience, and how you plan on sharing it. 

We can provide guidance to make sure it's gets seen by the right people, and can advise you how to best prioritise your content and budget to get the most value. 

Video Work

Live Action

Motion Graphics



Hey, I'm Karen

Content Strategy Consultant & Creative Director

I've been producing and directing online video content for over 10 years, working with brands and creative agencies around the world.

I use my in-depth knowledge of the medium and content marketing to help brands find a strategic approach to sharing their stories with video.

Besides being a video geek, I'm an avid traveller, plant hoarder, and podcast aficionado.

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